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I was there! I, finally, was there! It was like being in a magical spell. I am glad I got this once in a life time opportunity. It’s just sinking in today and I still have that grin from yesterday – for having been able to make it, watching the man himself – in the […]

Karamchand returns

Karamchand….too roo roo rooo returns after 20 years….too roo roo rooo carrot eating detective….too roo roo rooo with Kitty as his aide….too roo roo rooo but no Sushmita Mukherjee….too roo roo rooo its coming soon on Sony….too roo roo rooo and I’m waiting to see it….too roo roo rooo Update: The serial starts on Feb […]

Remember that Mika and Rakhi Sawant debate from 2006? For those who can’t remember, it was the much talked about kissing scene. Rakhi Sawant – apni bollywood ki item girl, had been for Mika’s birthday party where she smashed cake on the birthday boy. Being the Punjabi munda that he is, Mika kissed Rakhi. This […]

This is no doubt my all-time favourite video. I simply love this guy. Infact, my friends and I have our own version of this. Damn, I can’t find tht – so putting up Mr Numa Numa Fat Guy instead. I know it’s a bit stale now but I still laugh whenever I see it. Enjoy! […]

Sometimes, I wonder how much crap audiences can take. Television has such idiotic soaps and serials that totally scr*w your brains. As if that wasn’t enough, they have reality shows where it is almost compulsory for the participants to cry and overreact. Eeeks! They didn’t even leave dance shows. The latest to join this nonsense […]

This one is thanx to Sameer. This is the Chinese/Malaysian version of ‘Ladki Baddi An Janni Hai’ from ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. The video is really sweet. C’mon, now lets see, Shah Rukh Khan, Rani Mukherjee and Kajol match up with that. Turn up the volume and enjoy!

Date: Today Time: Matinee Show Place: G7 multiplex Movie: Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna Synopsis: Lets take an example. A is married to B. C is married to D. On the day C is to marry D, she has pre-marital jitters. She meets A meets and he gives her some convincing gyaan on marriage and life […]

I heard on the radio about the Hindi version of Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest being released as ‘Samundar ke lutere – Murdey ka khazana‘. Yipes! How ridiculously, stupidly, technically correct the translation is! Anyway, I am yet to see it and from what I’ve heard from friends, it is an awesome […]

I went for Krrish today. This is one movie that I really wanted to avoid going to. But apparently, there were extra tickets to a nearby multiplex and I was just at home doing nothing. So, i thought – might as well – and what’s the harm anyways. I WAS WRONG! Krrish is a sequel […]

For Mumbai’s enterprising janta, no place is far and inaccessible. When it comes to one of the finest multiplexes in the city – 24 Karat Multiplex, albeit, secluded amidst the slum-industrial area of Jogeshwari (W), is such an example. Owned by the same people who own Jaipur’s Raj Mandir, 24 Karat is a family entertainment […]

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