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  • Actually, If the extra relationship is exist after you have kids then you leave, I somehow find stupid because you have kids left behind and you really can’t make this kind of stupid move just to make youself happy. What about the kids who are small? what will happn to them?

    I had watched the debate show on NDTV by Barkha Dutt, which had guests: Sharukh Khan, Karan Johar, Sunita Menon, some doctor and .com ceo…

    It was a great show, one of the best I must say…they asked the same thing to Sharukh, “what will you do if you find a new women in your life?” He instantly answered that, I would stay with my kids. I would not do what Dev has done.

    And I too find that as a wise decision.


  • like always i say
    “yeah …losing is easier then holding for long……..but hold it, if its worth…”

    ….but there is times its difficult to hold knowing its not worth….

    …….there are times when u know…urself worth in the eyes of that person… and might break her/his heart. so u hold.

    the Answer is
    “Hold it…. if that person is Worth”

    else dont care “losing is easier…”

    “yeah …losing is easier then holding for long……..but hold it, if its worth…”

    ((((((India speaks out))))))))))

  • It can be suffocating to continue something you don’t really love. Not feeling right about something is many a times, a block we build for ourselves. This disallows others from expressing what we really mean to them.

    As the great souls from the past say “your heart always knows the truth” its best to follow your heart’s decision even if it may seem incorrect socially, ethically, morally as one has to face one’s self every moment.

  • A very well written blog. I think this movie reminds us about what love is and also that love can happen anytime, anywhere. I loved this movie coz it speaks about reality.

  • hmmm… indeed a well written blog (i guess better than the script!!) Though I found the baseline of movie a little bit different… as from C’s (Rani Mukherji) point of view.. Get whatever you can get now and keep looking, hopefully you will get the right choice in the end. Something is better than nothing!!!!

  • Hey shibss,
    Some love it, some hate it. No one could ignore it. I agree with you that Kabhi Alvidaa Na Kehna surely packs a punch. It marks coming of age and opening of Indian mindsets. Even though some parts of the movie resemble an irritating email forward you would like to delete,I would say that the sheer cheek of honest repreentation of infidelity sans Mallika’s bheege hont or Taboo’s feminist fury ( remember Astitva) is laudable.
    Its chic as much as Kuch kuch hota hai, more emotional but not as melodramatic and loud as kabhi khushi kabhi gham and is rocking box office across the globe. Also I couldnt help but notice the usage of wet silhouettes of man and woman , wet with rain and passion hugging just like Raj Kapoor and Nargis, but in true KJ style they were against the NY skyline. Did u feel so too? lemme know
    And last but not the least, a special mention on Amitabh bachchan. I am ot the one of his die hard fans and could notice that its only someone like karan who can get the man to do roles like Sexxy sam with such ease or else he is tuck up with his baghban/ waqt / veer zaara kind of routine…
    to sum it all KUdos KANK, Kudos Karan…. special mention of Shibani ( did u know that your namesake wrote the screenplay ad story for the movie)

  • Lets just face it….when there’s nothing left in a relationship….then one should not try to raise the dead….do not try to dig for anything, you won’t strike gold, instead you might just end up digging a grave for yourself.

    If there is even 1% chance of bringing things back to normal, I would say, do that…talk it out, that 1% will surely convert to 100%. But if a severed relationship can never come out of darkness, why keep trying to light a fire by hitting one stone on another, why try to mend something that just might create more cracks between the two. It’s one life, do you wish to spend your only life mending torn relationship or correcting faults or putting efforts in getting things back in place esp. if your partner is least bothered about it. What do you think one can gain from a hollow relationship? Do you think one can do justice to oneself, to their partner or to people around them by holding onto the broken bridge between them. This might just force everyone to sit under one gloomy roof waiting for the dark clouds outside to clear up which infact never would have existed if and only if a right decision was taken. Do not drag, it will just make you feel as if you are in a deep trench, under water, choking for oxygen but neither can you surface up nor can you stay there. Let it go…and let your life breathe easy.

    All relationship, at some point of time will put you in a position to think how it all started. So always rem’ber it all depends how did you get into it, was it a compromise, were you pushed into it or just one immature or hasty decision without worrying about the future of the relationship. Try to go through the history and you’ll know when and what went wrong. I don’t know if this might help sorting things but it will definately be in aid of your action. Your life is God’s gift, your tears are invaluable, your smile is precious, you deserve to be loved, you deserve to live, you are not born to compromise, to wait, to mend, to bear the pain, to take shit….don’t expect to live your life in next birth, there ain’t any……..Live it now

    All the above is irrespective of the movie as I haven’t seen the movie yet. So really can’t comment on that…like all the songs anyway. Just wanted to give my ‘vishesh tipnis’ over your last statement to those who need it.

    ‘There are few things which are better left the way it is when the main ingredient is lost completely’

    Keep Rocking!!! 🙂

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