A tiny flower wanted to bloom
A terrible mistake – it was headed for doom
Because in this garden that seemed like paradise
Was a gardener with his ideas of vice.

Flowers should bloom
For that is the law
But the gardener kept nipping the bud
Because he thought the flower was a flaw.

Now the flower, not blossomed, not bloomed
Sat on its stem in such morbid gloom
Neither bee nor butterfly nor bird in view
A waste of nature is this flower unbloomed.

4 thoughts on “Unbloomed

  • My not so successful attempt at replying in similar tone… 🙂

    One tiny flower not allowed to bloom
    Must not make the world despise with gloom

    With the gardener with vices it has to fight
    And a fierce fight against injustice is her every right

    Nay, it is al-right to shed a tear
    but it would be cowardice to bear any fear

    For the many gardeners with hands so cold
    there will be others with hearts of gold
    To soothe the scars and wipe clean the tears
    the bud needs to wait with eternal hope amidst morbid fears

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