Shame shame

Celebrate Bandra 2009 kicked off on Saturday 15th November. It’s an all-over Bandra event that covers various spheres such as Art, Dance, Food, Music, Photography, Theatre and some very good social awareness causes. It’s a 2 week long festival that gets this part of the city buzzing with activity. I was looking outside my window Read more about Shame shame[…]

An evening with the maestros

I had a beautiful evening at the U. Srinivas and Pt Shivkumar Sharma concert. It was food for the soul 🙂 The Times Group has organized the Bandra Festival. This festival covers a lot of cultural activities and these are held around this suburb. I attended a classical music recitcal by U. Srinivas (he plays Read more about An evening with the maestros[…]

Peace Rally with the Bombay Bikers

I went with my friends for the peace rally organized by the Bombay Bikers club. We started around 10.30 am and reached our destination CST (McDonald’s) around 12.00 pm. I was ‘pillianne’ to Mr Teddy Bear-oh-so-sweet-mallu, Karki. I was the photographer for the day and clicked about 150 photos 🙂 After the ride, we saw Read more about Peace Rally with the Bombay Bikers[…]

Why does it have to rain on me?

Why does it rain when I don’t carry an umbrella? I’ve being tagging one along daily but not a drop of rain to justify the useless burden. And today, when I decide to chuck the ruddy thing for it’s a nice and sunny day (which made me believe that I would look stupid carrying an Read more about Why does it have to rain on me?[…]

Team India returns to a grand welcome

It was a historic moment, unlike anything that this city has known. Our 20-20 heroes touched base in Mumbai, this morning, to receive a hero’s welcome. They travelled atop an open air bus, for their own ‘Vijay Yatra’ (victory parade), from the International Airport to Wankhede stadium. Mumbai was flooded with people, singing, cheering, bursting Read more about Team India returns to a grand welcome[…]

Capoeira demo at Carter Road

Capoeira is a Brazilian dance-martial-arts-game kinda thingy. It was practiced by the Brazilian slaves when they were shipped to Portugal – way back in the 16th century. Since these slaves were prohibited from practicing martial arts, they devised a method which looked like dance. So Capoeira is a fight-dance. The amphitheater area at Carter Road Read more about Capoeira demo at Carter Road[…]