Sarkar Raj – a day at the cinema hall

I saw Sarkar Raj yesterday. I think it was a superb movie and Mr Bacchan’s performance was awesome. I was very distracted during the movie coz: The movie started before the scheduled time. The janta was still trying to find their way in the dark, and were making a lot of noise. Add to this Read more about Sarkar Raj – a day at the cinema hall[…]

24 Karat entertainment

For Mumbai’s enterprising janta, no place is far and inaccessible. When it comes to one of the finest multiplexes in the city – 24 Karat Multiplex, albeit, secluded amidst the slum-industrial area of Jogeshwari (W), is such an example. Owned by the same people who own Jaipur’s Raj Mandir, 24 Karat is a family entertainment Read more about 24 Karat entertainment[…]