Djole comes from the Temine’ ethnic group, on the border of Guinea and Sierra Leone. the Singers use a mixture of languages including Soussou and Malinke, as well as many onomatopoeic words. We do know that “siko” is the original instrument that Djole was played on. Lailaiko Korobe’, Korobe’, Korobe’ Mamiwatole’ Aiya Sikoleleleko Aiya Sikolaiko,[…]

Turn The Page – Bob Seger

Em on a long and lonely highway east of omaha D you can listen to the engine, moanin out as one long song A                                                     Em you can think about the woman, or the girl you knew the night before and your thoughts will soo be wandering the way they always do when your riding sixteen[…]

Hurt – Johnny Cash

C      D      Am         C      D       Am I hurt myself today   to see if I still feel C       D      Am         C       D        Am I focus on the pain   the only thing that’s real C        D        Am          C      D      Am The needle tears a hole   the old familiar sting C       D      Am           C       D       G Try to[…]

Guitar Chords – Knocking On Heavens Door by Guns ‘N’ Roses

This is one of the songs that everyone plays when they start learning guitar. Verse 1 G               D          Am mama takes this badge for me G             D          C i cant use it any more G                 D              Am its gettin’ dark , too dark to see G                        D             Am feels like i’m knocking on heavens door[…]