Roger Waters – In the Flesh

I was there! I, finally, was there! It was like being in a magical spell. I am glad I got this once in a life time opportunity. It’s just sinking in today and I still have that grin from yesterday – for having been able to make it, watching the man himself – in the flesh.

Roger Waters, ex-member of the legendary band Pink Floyd, performed in Mumbai on Feb 18, 2007, as part of his world tour of ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’. Till a month before the show, my laid back, lazy bum of a brother was too confident that we’d manage to get in @ last minute. But as the days passed, his confidence too started shaking. All of last week they were giving away the passes through simple contests on the radio, and that made me feel even more bad for not getting mine. We wanted to go for the show but 5 days before the show the passes we were looking for, were sold out.

On the day of the show, we had 2 options – to buy the expensive passes or stay home and sulk and feel bad for neglecting buying passes on time. We used all our combined contacts and references but our efforts were in vain. We then decided that we would, afterall, buy those but missing the show would leave us ‘undone’ in a way. Finally, bhai dearest went to the venue and did some ‘jhol’ (those are his words) and we got our passes. We were too happy to even be able to hold those precious passes.

Bhai’s idea was to go early and stand in the line – so that even if we were to stand in the last enclosure, we were the first ie ahead and leaning against the railing. We reached the venue at 4.45pm and stood in the line to be allowed entry at 5.30pm. The audience comprised of people of various age groups and all walks of life – right from college going kids to young and middle aged people to people our parents’ age to people our grand-parents’ age. Everyone wanted to experience this moment in history and be one of the 16,000 people who attended the show.

Another exciting hour and a half of waiting till 7.00pm and the screen on the stage came to life. The magic was about to begin!

Roger Waters was welcomed on the stage with reverance-filled applauds and he mesmerized us. The show was faboulous. The songs, the music along with the fantastic and well timed visuals kept us in absolute awe of the genius of the man we came to see and the band – Pink Floyd.

The show was divided into two parts. In the 1st, he played songs like ‘Breathe’, ‘Mother’, ‘Shine on you crazy diamond’, ‘Wish you were here’, etc. He also played a new song which I quite liked called ‘Leaving Beirut’ – totally kicking ‘Uncle Sams’ arse! A huge inflated pink colored pig with graffiti and messages was paraded around and set free to float away in the air. It was awesome.

There was a 15 min break and we sat a bit to relax our aching backs and feet. During this time, the screen had a visual of a moon, zooming in on us. After the break, the visuals broke into the ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’. The sights, as usual, were mind-boggling. We were singing all the songs and were screaming our guts out with ‘We don’t need no education’. The end was simply beyond praise as Roger Waters sang ‘Comfortably Numb’ leaving us in a trance.

The show got over a few minutes before 10pm. No one wanted to go when the show got over. We just sat there on the ground for sometime, trying to soak in the historical moment that we had just witnessed.

We met friends later, some whom we thought were luckier than us to be in the enclosures ahead but it wasn’t so and they told us that infact we had the best view – better than them 🙂

On our way home, we spoke only about the concert and were still overwhelmed by our once-in-a-life-time-experience.

Will post pics soon.) Posted pics today ie March 03, 2007..finally 🙂

4 thoughts on “Roger Waters – In the Flesh

  • Awesome, I am not big fan of Pink Flyod but I am sure it is real fun being part of the live show..watching these biggies play infront of you is just pure fun..

    post the pics soon

  • Dang! sounds like you did witness history! I feel terrible till today that we were looking for parking and totally missed the beginning 🙁 but the best part of our night was it was a full moon night when he played here. to listen to dark side of the moon in a huge auditorium with a full moon right above……… was Magic!

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