Bhai tune puppi kyon lee?

Remember that Mika and Rakhi Sawant debate from 2006? For those who can’t remember, it was the much talked about kissing scene. Rakhi Sawant – apni bollywood ki item girl, had been for Mika’s birthday party where she smashed cake on the birthday boy. Being the Punjabi munda that he is, Mika kissed Rakhi. This was made into a big issue, probably, it truly was an issue. Newspapers, tabloids, gossip magazines, TV channels and even Aapki Adalat got Rakhi’s part of the story and sympathized with the poor babe. They hammered her with questions, doubting her pleas while she complained about her ‘tormenture’s crude behaviour. So, it was ascertained that Rakhi Sawant cannot be taken lightly.

Our gabru jawan Mika could not let this pass too, could he? I heard this song on the TV today and undoubtedly, Mika is on a vengence trail. He and the Meet Brothers have released the video of ‘Bhai tune pappi kyun lee’ describing the kissing episode and explaining his side of the story. In the song, Mika defys anyone who would point a finger at him. Funny though but sadly, they’ve mocked Rakhi and made her look like a publicity hungry freak. They blame her for blowing ‘a trivial matter’ out of proportion. EXCUSE ME, guys!

I wonder what Rakhi has to say now and what she is going to do when she comes out from the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. Probably, she isn’t even aware of it. Somehow, it makes one think, was the video the reaction to the action Rakhi had taken to defame Mika or was the scandal the basis and proof for the video to be released and sell? What if they made songs and dance numbers on each and every scandal aound? Anything just happens now-a-days, you never know!

11 thoughts on “Bhai tune puppi kyon lee?

  • IMO Mika, Rakhi, et al fall in the category “cheap”. So usually don’t care about what they do or say.

    Soon they will feature on every decent persons’s “ignore” list. 😐

    You are capable of writing better. Why waste a post on such people?

  • Coz it matters to me when a woman tries plead her case to the world and a man just mocks it…guess I should join Woman’s Lib 🙂

  • It would matter to me too. I am father of two daughters! And even before I became a father, it always mattered!

    But it also depends on the women involved. Rakhi Sawant does not look like a nun to me from any angle! 🙂

  • I’m afraid thats one sickening video. I dont really care a lot for rakhi, but no guy has the right to kiss a girl against her will. And this video shws no remorse.. as u said, they’ve come out to mock the incident. which is really disgusting.

  • main hota mike ki jagah to uski gand mar leta.mike ne punjabi na hone wala kam kiya hai,sirf pappi hi li.buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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