I went for Krrish today. This is one movie that I really wanted to avoid going to. But apparently, there were extra tickets to a nearby multiplex and I was just at home doing nothing. So, i thought – might as well – and what’s the harm anyways. I WAS WRONG!

Krrish is a sequel of India’s first ‘alien movie’ – ‘Koi..Mil Gaya’. Krishna is the super gifted son of Rohit who was killed after he worked for Siddharth Arya and he tries to look in the future and kill Krishna too who loves Priya (nka Chopra) who stays in Singapore and whom Dadi has asked to get back to their chota sa seclusive village and ………………oh! shut up! shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Enough! I am not going to tell you anymore of the story. How I spent those 3 hours watching the movie is still suprising. The movie was very boring. Hrithik just kept on jumping on the mountains of Manali and the streets of Singapore. I think if my friend Deep had to see a cockroach, he’d be able to accomplish such feats with the same amount of ease. [Ok, I get scared of those creepy crawlies too but this is my blog and I choose whom I want to hammer 😉 ]. The story was abolutely predictable and seemed like a drag. I came out of the auditorium with a bad headache and the guilt of wasting a beautiful Sunday afternoon and choosing jumping jack Hrithik instead of my TV! The only thing that I liked were the SFX used – quite good.

We had recliner seats so I could sleep with my eyes open. gaya was much better than the sequel. Sequels don’t really do well, do they?

2 thoughts on “Krrishhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

  • I personally liked the movie very much. First half of bad but 2nd half was very good.

    About jumping, you would see the same in Spiderman, Superman and all superhero movies. So it is common for Super Hero to jump around.


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