An evening with the maestros

I had a beautiful evening at the U. Srinivas and Pt Shivkumar Sharma concert. It was food for the soul 🙂 The Times Group has organized the Bandra Festival. This festival covers a lot of cultural activities and these are held around this suburb. I attended a classical music recitcal by U. Srinivas (he plays Read more about An evening with the maestros[…]

The Original Rock Star

Lyrics composed by Pooja on 12th October 2008. She  rocks  like  a  rock star, When she strums her guitar. She dances like a diva, When she does the salsa. She’s as precious as money. As sweet as honey. She’s very, very funny. She’s a girl, a wonderful, beautiful girl named Shibani. She  rocks like a Read more about The Original Rock Star[…]


Namz…the high-priestess of the ladle and the wok, the multi-cuisine expert, the sweetheart and the most eligible candidate from most of my friends to be nominated as ‘Annapurna’, the girl with the magical fingers. Her cooking is divine. It’s love and care whisked with ingredients and served to perfection. We had our picnic this Sunday. Read more about Picnic-a-la-Namz[…]

Finally, an upgrade

I missed Ronan. I didn’t care much for Ella. It was high-time and I got Dexter 🙂 It’s been more than a year since I’ve moved to and honestly, it has not been an easy blogging year. Firstly, the entire set up and the installation (Deep helped me with this). This followed by the Read more about Finally, an upgrade[…]

Team India returns to a grand welcome

It was a historic moment, unlike anything that this city has known. Our 20-20 heroes touched base in Mumbai, this morning, to receive a hero’s welcome. They travelled atop an open air bus, for their own ‘Vijay Yatra’ (victory parade), from the International Airport to Wankhede stadium. Mumbai was flooded with people, singing, cheering, bursting Read more about Team India returns to a grand welcome[…]