7 thoughts on “An evening with the maestros

  • Beautiful thought at the end there, Shibz….u seem to have been well and truly moved by the whole experience.

    Glad that you got a taste of something so intrinsically Indian. We do need to support our arts more….food for thought, Shibz……way to go! 🙂

  • Fantastic !!!!! … glad you got to watch em live .. I definately wanna see some classical jugalbandi live some day … 🙂

  • I’ll write a verse or two and try to include it in a concert ( with me singing of course ) for you! hope to see you there 🙂


  • Dear Shibs:

    Glad you made it there! I am a fanatic of karnatik and Hindustani and regularly listen at home/attend kacheris etc…so I understand how you felt! Keep it up…feeding the soul is very impt!
    I am at a meeting in Beijing now…new experience to see China.:)
    I will e-mail when I get back…



  • lol…
    That was a wonderful evening… Still trying to figure out when to clap and when to nod at such classic concerts… 😉

    — Bawa

    P.S. : Gabbar no longer required… When my kids start behaving naughty I will only have to tell them “Baccha sau ja nahi toe Shibani Aunty aa jaayaygi aur concert le jaayaygi… lol

  • nice post, glad you enjoy Indian classical music…. did it become too heavy that you had to cool it off with a Lebanese meal !

    P.S. Now I need to sit with a calculator to make a comment on your post 🙂

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