Namz…the high-priestess of the ladle and the wok, the multi-cuisine expert, the sweetheart and the most eligible candidate from most of my friends to be nominated as ‘Annapurna’, the girl with the magical fingers. Her cooking is divine. It’s love and care whisked with ingredients and served to perfection.

We had our picnic this Sunday. As was planned, we’d meet at Namz’s and eat-out on her terrace-like balcony and enjoy the lovely sea-view and the hostess’ fabulous cooking. Unfortunately, one of the picnickers couldn’t make it [and we got to eat her share as well..sorry, Charms..u missed it, really :)]

We had a lovely time, girl-talks galore and the wonderful food. We had mango and coconut milk lassi, followed by pizza that were mouth-watering and yet just a sample of the goodies still in store. The thought of cool cucumber dip that we had with chips is still bringing water to my mouth. I took generous portions of the dip with the cutlet too. I had Kokum sharbat for the first time and found it very refreshing. For the main course, Namz prepared a typical picnic grub of macaroni and cheese and a tasty chana chaat served along with garlic bread. This was followed by dessert – bread pudding topped with raisins. Pooja and I indulged ourselves to our heart’s and tummy’s content..debarring every notion to not call us greedy gluts. I was so full that I gladly skipped dinner.

And to top it all, she gave us take-aways too. My brother is quite fussy about food but after having the stuff that Namz had packed for me, he said that we should call Namz home every week and ask her to cook for us. He was in awe and kept asking how my friend managed to cook so well 🙂 Mum wants me to learn to cook like my friend.

Thank you, Namaratha for all the trouble…really. God Bless 🙂

ps: Tried WASABI PEAS…my friends had a hearty laugh looking at me make lousy ‘wasabi’ faces. If I was feeling exhausted and low, those peas kicked in a good deal of sensory faculty.

3 thoughts on “Picnic-a-la-Namz

  • Namz is the Kitchen Goddess! I thank God everyday for havingher as a friend. Her food tastes simply divine because she adds this rare magical ingridient called love in to whatever she makes! Long live Namz! Guys redaing this blog, take the hint and learn to recognize a good woman!

  • Namz I am jealous. I am missing all this stuff. You better have something for me when I come down in Jan to make up for the whole year.

  • I will, Rach!..Definately 🙂 Come down soon….and I'll have a spread that will make u happy and content and (not) reaching for the stomach-pump! 🙂

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