Finally, an upgrade

I missed Ronan. I didn’t care much for Ella. It was high-time and I got Dexter 🙂

It’s been more than a year since I’ve moved to and honestly, it has not been an easy blogging year. Firstly, the entire set up and the installation (Deep helped me with this). This followed by the xml import and finally the plugins. For a non-techie, its quite a headache getting things work. A slight mistake and the entire site goes down and I have absolutely no idea how to undo the damage.

I had been dreading an upgrade and evaded the thought, aware that it was due long. But some things need to be done. Some steps need to be taken. And then it happened. Li’l genius, Atul offered to help me and managed the entire process in a matter of a few minutes. I am now a member of the Atul Varaskar fan club.

Still can’t get Ext. Live Archives working, thinking about it gives me nightmares. So, for now, i’ll just ask ELA to take a backseat and let wordpress drive out a new archives page 🙂

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