What a serendipity!

I’m very excited today. I’m jumping around the house today. Not only because its a Saturday and tomorrow’s an off, not only because I am going over to my cousins house for a ‘Girls night-out’, not only because we launched a new website but also because my blog post excerpt on the rains got featured in today’s Mumbai Mirror. Wow! What a day! Yaay!

I have to confess that I am too lost in my own work and chores that I don’t even read the newspapers. When Tuhin called me at lunch today and told me about my blog post excerpt, I was on cloud #9. Probably, they googled up my site but it was one helluva serendipity. I feel like a mini celebrity. Hehe! Thanx, Mumbai Mirror for the honor 🙂

Here’s the scan:

My post in the Mumbai Mirror
…and the online version can be found here. Thanx, Kamal for the url.

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