Yere yere paausa

At last, the heavens had mercy on us. They are here. Drops in all sizes. Pitter-patter on my window. The monsoons have finally arrived.

We had our very first rain shower for this year and what a relief it is from the scorching heat. A lovely breeze is blowing and you can smell the air – fresh mingling with the smell of mud.

The rains remind me of garam garam pakodas (ya, the foodie that I am now – what else can you expect besides unhealthy, fattening grub), coffee, butta (see, still fixated on to food), off from school, hot chocolate (when will I forget talking about food), gum boots, blue colored rain coats, umbrellas that blow away with the wind and some sweet songs that we learn’t in school. Here’s one classic Marathi poem from the 3rd grade (standard).

Yere yere paausa
Tula deto paisa
Paisa jhaala khota
Paaus aala mottha

Paaus padla jhim, jhim, jhim
Aangan jhaale olechimb
Paaus padto masuldhar
Raan hoil hirvegaar

Ye g Ye g sari
Majhe madke bhari
Sar aale dhaavun
Madke gele vaahun

The only thing I don’t like is the mess that the rains make. I think the BMC is more to blame for that. They possess skills to leave the city half dug and a state of chaos, invariably every year. Hope it’s not as bad as the last 2 years 🙁

Anyway, I like the thought of sitting near my window, listening to retro music with a book in my hand and a cup of coffee(ok, no more food jokes) and thinking, again mindless thoughts…and dreaming 🙂

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