Where the @#$%^ are we?

It’s been long since my band sent any update. Well, we’ve been busy doing our own shit and cleaning it.

Kashif is back in USA doing his PhD. Having a doctor in the band is greatly needed to cover up for his lack of talent. We miss his whining and his Wii (kidding about the latter)

Tarun got his hand injured and now keeps admiring those 20 stitches that he got..daily. He is also trying to play the guitar with his left hand. He is back to the good old days of making string noises

Amjad got his arse into trouble..like a real lot of trouble. He is recuperating well.

Shibani just keeps getting eccentric. She is in Morgan Freeman mode. She watches 14 episodes of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ in one day.

Bharath got back from USA the day Kashif left. He works for a huge brand but he can be seen doing nothing at home for most of the time.

We’ll be back with more news soon.

Long live fish curry (until it gets stale and has to be trashed).


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