Hum Masscarenhas

Ok, so HM finally has a name – Hum Masscarenhas ..all thanx to the ROCK ON granny 🙂 We’ve also got a decent facebook page. After all, facebook runs and rules our lives now-a-days. Here’s some trash about the band..

Tarun (aka Tarunator – Producer, programmer, out of form guitarist who cannot even hold his guitar now. Has to break, drop or destroy something every time. Will suggest riffs and change them every two minutes. Is never happy with the sound. Responsible for the band’s lousy name)

Kashif (aka Wiiman – Lead guitarist but totally lacks talent. We are using him only for his Wii and new electric guitar. Accidentally, also the vocalist and song writer. Can churn up dark non-rhyming, non-sensical, abstract verses at the drop of a hat but again, he has a Wii)

Amjad (aka Maiman – Groupie! Has his eyebrow pierced. Wears earrings, bangles, rings, bracelets, chains and anything else he can find. Pretends to be the vocalist and is always late for jam sessions. Can never keep time even in a song. Is also a model and the band is counting on his good looks to improve their image)

Shibani (aka Mopster – Biggest fan and chai wali. Always has a broom and a mop and a non-illustrated book about birds and bees. The broom and the mop are for clearing up the mess the boys make. Also the band’s critic and the only one who sings when Kashif plays. Promises to fill in for rhythms when the need arises provided her nails are cut)

Pretty decent line up, isn’t it? Wait till you hear our songs.


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