Mind It!

Here are some of Rajnikant’s (Rajni Sir’s) popular dialogues:

Annamalai (1992)
‘Naan solrathaiyum seiven; sollathathaiyum seiven.’ (I will do what I say; I will even do what I do not say.)

Basha (1995)
Naan oru dhadavai sonna, nooru dhadavai sonna madhiri.’ (If I’ve said it once, it’s the same as a 100 times.)

Muthu (1995)
‘Naan eppa varuven, eppadi varuvennu yarukkum theriyadhu; aana varavendiya neratthil correct-aga varuven.’ (I do not know when I will arrive, or how. But I will arrive when I have to.)

Arunachalam (1997)
‘Andavan solran. Arunachalam seiran.’ (God commands, Arunachalam completes.)

Padayappa (1999)
‘En vazhi — thani vazhi.’ (My path is a unique path.)

Baba (2002)
‘Khatham, gatham.’ (The past is past.)

Sivaji (2007)
‘Chumma adhirudalla!’ (Doesn’t it just shake you up?)

Yenna Rascalla! Mind It! 🙂

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