I hate myself for being the way I am..but I just can’t help it 🙁 I don’t think I will ever change…I have tried and I have failed. This is my fate…this is my destiny.

If there’s anyone out there who feels good reading this then well, are you happy now?

2 thoughts on “I…

  • Just passing by your blog and read ur post
    Yes I am happy.
    And I believe that it is all in our mind that makes us happy or sad.
    So wash out ur brain, see the shining sun in early morning and live it to the fullest.

    Keep Rocking,
    Tejas Lakhani

  • Change… However hard you try fighting against, you’ll slip into it all the time. Just that you may not acknowledge it (for your mind fails to)
    Maybe it’s the burden that makes you say so, change is certainly a way of life, regardless of you believing in it or not.

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