3 thoughts on “Zodiac character chart

  • Now I know what to blame my follies on……it’s all written in the STARR-RS!! (…except for the last part …..”get what they want” indeed…..H-UH…..yeah right, I think that’s one big mega-whopper right there! And you can testify, Shibz…:)

    …..btw, love the new look….although I do miss ur converse-wearing, smiling mug!!

  • I am a libran and I can suit myself over some of the things you mentioned.

    Nice blog there. See mine and suggest some tips!!

  • i cant believe anyone still believes in their personality falling in to any one of these categories. the zidoac signs are so generalized – every person has characteristics of all the zodiac signs – that’s what makes a complete person.

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