Happy New Year

I have some resolutions that I want to make but I am so sure to break them that I think I’ll keep them to myself 🙂

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  • There was a similar cartoon in today’s times of india. cant find the link now but it read.

    A politician is saying

    I have two, not one, resolutions for this year:

    1) not be to corrupt at all

    2) not to believe in this stupid thing called resolution


  • Happy New Year, Shibzzz!

    Have fun with your resolutions. If you are anything like me……half the fun is in drafting out a list of seemingly-fabulous goals…..and by mid-Jan…shaking your head in disbelief!


  • Wish you all

    Brisk mornings, languid afternoons, rosy evenings, dreamy nights;
    expanding horizons, exhilarating rides, myriad experiences;
    steaming coffee, dollops of ice cream, iced tea, gin & lime;
    chasing dreams, fulfilling promises, a sense of anticipation;
    standing tall, towering victories, smart moves, courage under fire;
    misty valleys, sunflower fields, stony brooks, green pastures;
    crisp words, passionate embrace, lingering touch, a fleeting glance;
    remembering past, visions of future, new beginnings into un-chartered territory.

    Copy-paste is a blessing!

  • The tradition of making resolutions was invented by some stupid dolt who woke up on New Year’s Day with a terrific hangover and made a decision never to drink again.

    Happy New Year.

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