A Wednesday

I have been through so many emotions in the last 3 days but I am not alone. This is how every Mumbaikar has been..this is how every Indian has been. There is anger, fear, frustration, hope, pride, sorrow…

Mumbai has seen one of its worst terrorists attacks and we’re all shook up. Though the terrorists at the Taj, Oberoi and Nariman Bhawan have been killed, this is a huge scar on the nation. So many killed, so many wounded..a city in turmoil. Will we heal? The aftermath is just as painful.

I wish people wouldn’t politicize this horrifying situation and earn brownie points out of it.

Prayers to all those who have lost their lives and the martyrs. Prayers for this city and this nation. Prayers for all the brave men who are our heroes today. I salute each one of them. Prayers for every one.

What also moved me was what Arnab Ghosh from Times Now said – If an inanimate building like the Trident can hold its head high at such a time then so can 1 billion Indians.

Jai Hind!

2 thoughts on “A Wednesday

  • The world is watching what is being described as India’s 9/11 and the internet is alive with discussions.There was a mayhem caused by terrorists in the city of mumbai.”Bombs and bullets cannot destroy India – as long as the country remains a pluralistic society”. Imagine those who became martyrs so that we have a sound sleep, I salute them!!!! It’s gonna be pretty tough to fight back for the people of mumbai…. the question remains unanswered…. will the wounds heal??
    These acts are just a proof of what i can say is lack of proper guidance and Extreme Motivation been provided to quong people taking up terrorism.
    WIseMen said , “Need A Light , To see in the Dark.”
    This statement may sound like a pretty simple and a normal statement , though there is a whole ideology behind it .
    If u gonna be in the dark ,you will have to be Blind or feel like u don’t have eyes.
    u cant see anything , its just like what u listen u do that , and follow.
    once that Darkness Goes , you can see whats good and whts bad for you and people around you.

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