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My day was just ok. Went grocery shopping with mom. I think I enjoy shopping for flour and rice and sugar and biscuits. Its de-stressing 🙂

Sometimes I feel that I should talk less – I hardly talk but that also seems a lot, and just be a good listener. Sometimes I feel I should give people good, the ones who intimidate me. That’s a problem. Wonder how some people are such tactful and smooth talkers.

Its almost 1.30 am and I don’t want to call it a day yet. I’m watching Barack Obama’s speech on youtube.com. I’m really glad that he won. He has just created history and he might just change the geography of this world 🙂 How his leadership affects India remains to be seen but I’m sure it will be in the right direction.

Here’s his fantastic speech.


Honestly, this entire speech and the US election process was much more interesting and promising than anything I’ve lately seen in Indian politics.

All said and done, another day gone…but nothing beats the fact that Kyonki..Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi wraps up tomorrow. Rejoice! No more Tulsi and her rona-dhona 🙂 I would like to go on explaining my dislike for this serial but I’ll stop here.

Logging off. Good night!

3 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  • It WAS a good speech, caught it on CNN-IBN. Despite all the schmaltz, I got jus’a wee bit teary-eyed myself! In all, something nice on the tube, after a lo-oong time!

  • Kyunki Saas….my gawd! Was it still running. Must have been some 2034th episode.

    Obama is a good speaker. Guess the Presidential jinx just got to him. He messed up quite a bit with the Nancy Regan comment in his first press-conference.

  • he is certainly a good speaker but i still doubt his ability somehow. And yes about India… i think it will affect us immensely as i think Obama will stop outsourcing to india in order to cope up with the unemployment in his own country.

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