I am Amit!

Facebook has these cute and sometimes senseless applications that are personality markers. I added one such app and took the test. The quiz is based on the movie ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ and shows which movie character one is. Here’s my result.

You are Amit!

You don’t care what people think of you, or what are you missing out on, or anything else, you are very much satisfied with the kind of person you are, and find happiness in little things in life like painting, playing with your pet, teasing ur sister etc. you have got a very good sense of humor, you love laughing at yourself and others,you are a really nice person! You rock! And your definitely not a loser, a person who is satisfied with life can never be one!

Something worth thinking, eh?

2 thoughts on “I am Amit!

  • Wonder if the people who make these inane apps have a gender disorder.
    I dont really have the authority to speak on the personality description, havent seen Jaane Tu… nor do I intend to, so I havent the least idea who this Amit dude is or what brand of after shave he uses.

    BTW nice blog you have got here. WordPress is nice anyday.


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