I saw a Blonde Cockroach

I saw a BLONDE COCKROACH @ shoot!

Yuck! As if the regular ones were not enough to digust me, I saw this new variety. After going black, brown and even white, these creepy pests decide to get make-overs by turning blonde!

This particular little fellow I saw was tottering down the passage, and had an arrogant and nonchalant look. After all, it is their species that have survived nuclear blasts, it is them who can survive without their heads for a week.

But why blonde!! Are they competiting with the human race? Next I know they’ll turn purple and flaunt their designer wear. They’ll soon take over the world, they’ll make us slaves, they’ll whip us and…God-knows-what…HELP!

I think I am going to puke now!

I am very scared of these creepy-crawlies…


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