Me talks Bull Sh!t

Ever wondered why people say ‘Bull Sh!t’?

It could be anyone’s shit, cows, elephants, birds, dogs, snakes, etc. but why are only bulls cornered? Bulls are nice people and are pretty useful to the human race:

  1. They are effective farm aides.
  2. Their potty makes a good fertilizer.
  3. They are good for the economy and can ‘boom’ the stock markets. They rumble bears and everyone on Dalal Street prays to a bull. (Some superstitious people even objected to the golden bull statue outside the stock exchange)
  4. They look nice in a village setting. Add in a gaon ki chori and chora, she wearing a ghaghra-choli and carrying a matka, he dorning a dhoti-kurta, and give them a song…how @#$%&* sweet!
  5. They balance the ‘chi’ of the bovine clan..if you know what I mean.

Then why, oh why, do we ostracise bulls? And after all that, people expect you not to give them Bull Sh!t?

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