Went for a play called JAZZ at Prithvi Theatre with Bharath and his mom. Aunty is a darling 🙂

Excerpts from the Prithvi Theatre newsletter

The play, based on the research of Naresh Fernandes, is written by Ramu Ramanathan and directed by Etienne Coutinho. It is a wonderful explosion of a rich musical genre. An Indian jazz player in a retrospective mood recounts his life to his shagird. The scenes after his death are projected on a big screen behind. People who came into his life talk about him while he comments on their reactions. The play talks about a genius who could not establish himself. It is a story of a man who lives in nostalgia, one who loves to love. The character symbolizes the cultural anxieties and relative isolation of the Christian community in the 50s and 60s. At another level, it is also the universal story of an artist who refuses to compromise his artistic integrity.

Jazz is a very well written and and very well directed play. The audience is floored by the sheer brilliance of the performance. It’s a slice of that era brought alive through its music. It comes out so naturally that we are not overwhelmed by all the details. The performances of Bugs Bhargava and Rhys Dsouza were pretty impressive. Music and script compliment each other and merge so well as to be indistinguishable.

Had a wonderful evening. Also, have become a fan of Dave Brubeck’s Take Five 🙂

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