I got an award..

..rather, my blog got an award. No, actually, it was me.Whatever! Atul gave me a ‘Sexy Blogger Award’. This has to be the worst joke because that award doesn’t suit an uncool, dabba like me. Hehe! Check the side panel on this page to see the award 🙂

What the hell am I talking about?
My limited knowledge only supports me in saying that it is some html code freely available to be sent to anyone from this site. Just fill in the details and the site fires a link with the code to the sender. You can send a dead cockroach, a kilo of cocaine, the fleas of a thousand camels, a witty blogger award or any of the items from the drop down menu available on the website.

I think I would’ve preferred a giant bear hug award but I shouldn’t be too greedy. Thanx, Atul for this. I feel like I’ve been crowned Miss Universe of Bhatinda! Now, where’s my winner’s speech…hehe!

Update: Just received another. Thanx, Anshul 🙂

Update #2: …and one more. Thank you, Auslander. (Nov 08, 2007)

Update #3: Thanx, Namz. I am gonna do my girl-next-door-wins-miss-world-crown act, now 🙂

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