Angel and a half

I have just read an amazingly cute book – Angel and a Half by Pooja Lulla and it had me smiling through every page.

I am not much of a reader. I am also lazy and a bit haggard by my daily schedule. I have just got back to reading (after almost a year – shame on my existence!) and this is one book that I enjoyed. It’s written by a dear friend and I am truly amazed at her creation. Though I had heard her narrate the story a few times before but reading it was quite a different thing.

If you thought that earth was a confusing place, think again, especially when chaos takes over up above there when an achiever angel decides to marry the devil’s daughter. The book is about the couple’s twin sons who have chosen different career paths. While Sam (short for Samaritan) wants to be an achiever angel like his dad, his brother Dev (short for Devlin) who dotes his grandpa the Devil, would like to be like him. Eventually, the good wins.

As you read the book, you realize that the author loves to write witty and educational stuff thereby keeping the readers entertained through every page. The illustrations are interesting too. I now know how Chocolate Milk and Pablo Picasso were discovered. She, through her book, has tempted me to get back to all those books I have missed reading.

Though this is her first book, Pooja is a seasoned writer and has written a lot for television, websites, magazines, newspapers, game scripts, spoofs, etc. Well done, girl!

The book can be bought from Oxford or Crossword and makes for a perfect gift too.

Angel and a Half

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