Happy Mysore Pak Day

Some radio station is celebrating Mysore Pak Dday, today. Yuck! They’re selling 1 kg of that inedible dish for Rs 99 instead of Rs 200. I wouldn’t buy it even if it was on sale for Rs 9. I think the guys at the radio station must’ve had a platterful of IT stuffed down their throats, hence the promotion and publicity.

I have a sweet-tooth and love almost all mithais but not this one. Mysore Pak looks like pumice stone which could be used to scrub and scratch human intestines. It also reminds me of some devious weapon and could be thrown on unsuspecting peeps! How can any1 eat it! Worse, how can they have a day in its honour. It’s one of those mithais that my liver would refuse to bile for. My colleagues love it and were drooling at the very name. It made me feel uneasy. But to each his own. They can’t stomach delectable jalebis and rasmalais (unbelievable, right?)

This is how Mysore Pak looks like. Be advised, stay away from it.

Mysore Pak

If anyone is really madly in love with it and wants the recipe, here goes.


1 cup Bengal Gram
2 cups Sugar
1 cup Ghee
1/2 cup Water


  • Mix the flour with a little ghee. Heat the sugar in water till reaches a ball consistency.
  • Slowly add the flour stirring continuously so that no lumps are formed.
  • When it is well blended pour in slowly absolutely in a hot ghee stirring continuously.
  • Cook till the mixture becomes frothy and the ghee separates.
  • Spread out on a greased plate. When firm cut the Mysore Pak into squares.

All the best!

ps: If anyone sends me Mysore Pak, I’m going to send a freaky tantric to cure them.

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