Of mundane mornings..

It’s been a mundane morning upto now. I woke up feeling tired and lost. I dressed up clumsily and chose to wear something I would never have worn on a good day. I walked to office with my headphones playing Lavender by Marillion…

Lavenders green, dilly dilly, lavenders blue
When you love me, dilly dilly, I will love you
A penny for your thoughts my dear
A penny for your thoughts my dear

Yet again another flashback. Yet some memories and another painful walk down memory lane. The problem with memories is that they leave you alone and never leave you when you are alone. If I don’t make sense, it’s because my brain wires are cross connected. I could just stand by the seaface and scream and abuse. Such is my state today.

A penny for your thoughts? Let’s see..Why am I alive? What on earth am I doing?

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