Some lessons…re-inforced

  1. Don’t judge people by what you hear about them. Get to know them to actually ‘know’ them. I always thought I was neutral and didn’t carry too many pre-conceived notions but this was one exception and I was wrong. I’m glad that I am no longer influenced!
  2. Avoid coffee in the late evenings. Otherwise be prepared to toss and turn in bed till the early hours of the morning. Coffee shops serve coffee on the table. There is no need to ‘be yourself’ and act dumb by asking the cashier questions! (I’m a master of blunders – that explains it). Just be sure that you catch the waiter and give him your order and again catch him when you want your bill.
  3. People will lead you only if you want to be lead.
  4. Many people at work are humans too and not just machines. Some aren’t beasts either. Again, I am happy that I know and believe in this fact.
  5. Don’t repeat words ‘double double’ times. That’s one of the new cardinal sins.
  6. Keep your head on your shoulders and watch where you are going. Please don’t walk into a puddle with gym shoes.
  7. Learn to accept people with an open mind. You’ll appreciate them better. But don’t expect anything from anyone.
  8. Never forget that there is a Greater Power above you – keep the faith.
  9. 6 episodes of LOST in 5 hours and a toto of 8 episodes in less than 24hours are more than enough to get you cranky/depressed the next day.
  10. Co-incidence is another name for FATE.

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