Shrek 3

We saw Shrek 3 today. I liked the movie. It was too funny (as expected of Shrek movies) . With all the fairy-tale characters – the good and the bad ones, all the silly jokes, the cute kitty and the stupid donkey, Shrek 3 is worth a watch.

Some moments from the movie:

  • When Puss in Boots gives those ‘adorable’ looks to Shrek when he throws it out of the window.
  • Sleeping beauty who falls asleep just anywhere
  • The Pinnochio dialogue where he’s trying to confuse Charming and yet avoiding speaking a lie.
  • When Puss in Boots is in Donkey’s body and tries his ‘adorable’ face with the soldiers
  • The Frog King’s death scene – just too funny.
  • The gyaan that Shrek gives Arty which was something like ‘It doesn’t matter what names people call you. What matters is what you think about yourself’ or something to that effect.

Many who saw the movie said that the 1st 2 parts were better but I liked this one too. It wasn’t out of this world types but it was nice and it had its cute moments.

3 thoughts on “Shrek 3

  • Yeah…Shrek 3 is worth a watch…really liked it
    I gez u missed that old magician to be mentioned…evn he is damn funny
    This part is not the best out of all the releases of Shrek but it is above par
    Donkey & Puss…Hilarious

  • haha.. that frog kings death scene was just tooooo funny. but my fav was definitely, pinnochio tryin not 2 lie

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