I can be your hero…*gulp*

Just imagine someone singing to you –

I can be you hero baby
I can kiss away the pain
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away

What other choice do you have other than to melt? Especially if its Enrique Iglesias singing to you?

I have been a big adoring fan of his ever since I heard/saw him. What a voice, what words, what looks, what a cute face…I can go on forever. I love all his songs. I’m so happy that he’s releasing a new album – Insomniac. It’s due on the June 12th, 2007. Till then I hunted for his song “Do you know” on youtube. Drooling again, this is my latest hot favourite. Check the video. Warning: Parental Guidance – aww, c’mon…this is Mr Drop Dead Sexy Enrique!

Songs that I absolutely adore – actually all of them but still

  • Bailamos – This is the reason why I fell in love with him
  • Rhythm Divine – Absolutely divine
  • Be With You – Yaay!
  • I Have Always Loved You – Sigh!
  • Sad Eyes/Mas Es Amar – Saddest songs
  • I’m Your Man – How I wish!
  • Could I Have This Kiss Forever – *Drool*
  • Escape – Makes me want to dance
  • Don’t Turn Off The Lights – Wokay!
  • Love To See You Cry – Hmm!
  • Hero – I will be your hero…
  • If The World Crashes Down – How promising!
  • Not In Love – Are you sure?
  • Addicted – Yes, I am.
  • Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song) – Already a favourite 🙂

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