1st turmeric, now Yoga

Damn those US patenting authorities for granting yoga-related copyrights to American companies. Yoga is Indian – of Indian origin – a part of Indian tradition. They can’t do that. 1st they steal our haldi, now its Yoga and god-knows-how-many-more things they’ve stolen and will steal. Yoga was existent even before the Vedas from the times of Mohenjo daro and Harappa – Indian to the core!

Chor log!

2 thoughts on “1st turmeric, now Yoga

  • Sucks, the worst part here is, our government does not do anything, just a mute spectator, let US do anything they want, we are not gonna tell them anything. Sucks, Sucks and Sucks..!!

  • Actually the worst part is that Indian Government can’t simply do anything since there are nearly 2000-3000 copyrights and Indian Government will have to take a case against each and ever copyright. It might even take more than 50 years to get this sorted out.

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