Girl in the mirror

I’m looking at the girl in the mirror and I can see me. Selective memory throws glimpses of the person I was, the person I wanted to be. These blank eyes have answers to none of the questions that pop out. Though, I’m still wondering how I got there. It was never planned, I never had a vision of anything that I wanted to do or the person I would turn out. I still don’t see where I am or where I want to go. I just flowed with whatever came along, sometimes on impulse. See what I’ve become. I am looking at the girl in the mirror and hoping that someday she turns out fine.

Girl in the mirror

This really makes me wonder how people dream and know what they want from life and people. It seems a mystery and I am not even sure if I want these answers.

Perhaps that’s the beauty of life, no set rules, no fixed definitions of how things should work out or how people should behave – a new surprise at every step. So, the consolation and conclusion I draw out of it is – Enjoy while it lasts and stop making that face, you look like a mouse! Buck up, it ain’t over yet!

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