2 thoughts on “Lost my Bheja Fry, save the earth?!?

  • The Earth will be perfectly OK regardless what temp. it is at or how much ice there is. All YOU are concerned with is your own personal little habitats. Your worried that you may be personally inconvenienced, this is selfishness at its worst.
    Who cares whether it is natural or man made… either way the earth is changing.
    Those who live to blame this on man do so cause if they are right, in their tiny frightened minds it means they can fix it…. This is the same arrogance that got us to where we are today.

    You decided to play(too much) and now you realized there are reactions to you actions. Just sit back and enjoy yourselves it appears that’s all people are good for anyway.
    Know in your hearts that the Earth will be here long after we are gone and life (maybe no humans) will flourish as it always has.

    Tyler Goines

  • Ok, peace! Do you have power cuts everyday? Do you get clean drinking water? I stay in a country where having electricity 24hrs a day is quite a luxury. Hundreds of people die coz of drought and dry conditions, where they can’t even get a sip of water and all this is getting worse as the years go by. Maybe I got some facts wrong here but all I’m saying is that if we can help ourselves and our environment then why not?


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