Damn those shallow hypocrites…

…for making one man bleed to see another man win
…for praising someone just to stab him the next moment
…for misleading today’s youth to get some cheap political benefit
…for blaming the govt for being corrupt & finding possible methods of bribing officials
…for preaching religion & not respecting it anyway
…for imposing rules on the weaker sex & then wondering why they are so suppressed
…for aping the west in various ways & not taking responsibility for the consequences
…for conveniently confusing merit with nepotism
…for not bothering about hungry, street kids & holding a morcha for some stupid issue
…for liking people on the basis of looks & wealth & not for their mind and thoughts
…for pretentious love when it is hate and disgust all the way

Damn me, for being a part of this filthy world where being a shallow hypocrite is the call of the day, and for just sitting helplessly, not being able to do anything!

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