What if..

What if Ireland and Bangladesh reach the finals of the Cricket World Cup? What if debutants Ireland win? What do you say?

7 thoughts on “What if..

  • Nice thgt…well the way bangladesh performed n the way Ireland entered Super 8’s, u can actually come to think of such possibility like what if Ban v/s Ire?? Ban beats SA and Ire actually made NZ to take them seriously….can u beat that!!
    But the fact is, it will take them some more world cups…Bangladesh might do it in the next one…u never know. Bangladesh actually performed really well and u can say Ireland is just a part of England and full of players who plays county matches(those who din get selected in Eng got into the Ire team)
    Now if Ire V/s Ban – I’m in for Ban..n m sure Bangladesh will emerge as winners…what’s ur say Shibs!!
    There still lot of cricket left…ur ‘What If’ is still possible 😉 and I desperatly dont want Aussies to win

  • what if turtles started remembering things…
    what if humans could fly
    what if shibani stopped using the internet……..

  • Deep & Tuhin, I don’t want Australia to win…they have a major attitude problem. I wouldn’t mind seeing South Africa or New Zealand win, really.

  • Yes, Gautam..why not? When Ireland has come this far then Y not? Hmm, maybe that would be asking for 2 much, na?

  • Ummeed par duniya kayam hai, Auslander. Btw, this theme of mine is German and I’m having a swell time customizing and translating it :p

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