As I sit here

As I sit here, my thoughts go to those endless days of thinking mindlessly. Sometimes, you just want to waste time thinking nothing. You need your space to be alone. You need your bubble of solitude.

As I sit here, I look at the clock ticking. I think how fast this life is passing – from one day to another. Life lived now, will be history the very next second. A moment that is lost. A moment that can never be got.

As I sit here, I think of all those dreams that I saw. All those dreams that made me believe that it is wiser to be awake than to dream. All those aspirations drowning and all those wishes being buried.

As I sit here, I think I have seen some highs and some lows. Somethings went my way, some didn’t. All my good and bad days seem to be merging into a rainbow of memory for me to now remember.

As I sit here, I can only hope that I am wiser today than I was yesterday. I can hope that I am more forgiving. I can hope I am stronger. I can hope that I can live, today, now and this moment.

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