I hate MTNL

Still no net connection at home. Using a maha slow dial-up. MTNL says it’s going to take another month till I get the line. Yipes! Should’ve taken some other ISP, would’ve not been ‘netless’ for so long. Gosh, I’m going crazy!

7 thoughts on “I hate MTNL

  • MTNL != Service

    MTNL is good once you get the net connection but the difficult part is to get the connection or fix the problem (if we are facing any) It’s good as long as it runs smoothly…

  • patience dear patience…

    u wont regret having a bsnl/mtnl connection once you get it. espicially me hearing the news that you would get 1mbps unlimited for 900rs
    and super fast 2mbps connection now volume based now.

    Join the dots backward once you get the connection.. we would see a post how much u love bsnl/mtnl

  • oh come on.. dont encourage bribeing..
    Its really bad you know, but if ur really deperate… cross the boundries.

  • I guess MTNL is the best but I still don’t have it. Well, tried sweet talking, pleading, influence, etc. but STILL I won’t get the connection before April.

  • If u haven’t got the connection from mtnl yet, then u must be the luckiest person on earth because mtnl has worst internet and support service i m the victim of mtnl i pay them 900 rs per month for unlimted plan and i got discoected from their internet 15 days in 1 month …….. try reliance wi-max i m using it and its quiet gud.

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