Help! Koi mujhe bachaao!

It was a lovely Monday morning. Sometimes, I do like Mondays. They remind me of fresh beginnings and bring lots of hope – unless I’m too sleepy and wish I had another day off-that’s when I hate Mondays. My day was just going fine…until I saw my nemeisis!

Bachaao! Someone save me…..there’s a cockroach on my desk! (What were you thinking?). My Monday morning was ruined with the indescribably-disgusting sight of a fully grown cockroach (gender – unknown, not interested and too scared to even bother about it). I jumped from my seat and started screaming out of fear. I’m normally a soft-spoken and polite person but when I see those kind of creatures, all manners go scampering away for help too! So I yelled loudly, perhaps a bit too entire office was looking at me and was wondering what happened. Actually, so loudly, that the person sitting at the other end of the office came up to me to ask me what happened.

Luckily, a few colleagues came to my rescue but unluckily, one look at my prime object of fear and they retreated to their workstations. I was shaking with fear as I was overwhelmed (ahem!) with what was happening.
I think I scared the damn pest as I noticed that it got panicky too and was running helter-skelter. My fault? No! Who told it to sneak up and show itself right infront of me, on my desk! Certainly, not my fault.

My fear of cockraches is as old as I am. I have always been petrified of them. Some say its crazy but I just can’t help it. When I was a kid, I would spend nights staying awake and guarding myself against them ie if I ever saw one during the day – by chance.

Anyway, I called for the peon and he took away the insect, finally. I inspected my seat and only then I got back to work. Later I saw my colleagues all smirking at me and thinking that I had gone nuts. Who cares, I know how I felt about it – a poor victim on a Monday morning that would have been good.

7 thoughts on “Help! Koi mujhe bachaao!

  • Bawi… remember that roach that u ate with that Ice cream the other day and the one which was doing bhangra in your top… Poor thing suffocated by your stinking armpit and died and got burried in your top its self… hee hee hee…

    P.S.: That roach was really tasty better than that lizzard soup that you had the previous night… 😉

    Now be a sport and dont moderate this msg… Let the world know the real you….

    — Bawa

  • Bawa,

    Thank you. Any chance that I had of befriending anyone has been lost. How much crap can you write but then actually that’s exactly why you are my frnd 🙂


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