It’s Live!

Finally, after months of toiling, changes, re-working, etc. my designed module went live. Along with that, another important feature that I had worked on, went public yesterday ie 2 major releases clubbed as 1. This was my first major release and the excitement cannot be compared to anything I’ve known before. I have the entire process of testing the 1st demo, filmed on video. But, unfortunately, there was some bug. I guess the guys stayed overnight and solved it. When I checked the site in the morning, it worked fine 🙂 This entire week was hectic and stressful because of the bugs, last minute changes and new requirements but the quantum of joy of seeing it on production was something that I had never experienced before – perhaps like being in the delivery room when a baby is being born 🙂

Hope all’s well and smooth now. I’m still so excited.

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