Biryani? No, thanx!

*Burp* Excuse me! Today was my 3rd consecutive day of eating biryani. I have always liked this delectable dish but now I’ve got an overdose. All my 3 ‘doses’ were simply superb, though!

1st dose/day

Name: Veg Biryani
Accompaniments: Mixed Raita (1 nos)
From: Jai Hind Lunch Home
Contact # of Food Joint: 26483381
Price: Rs 40
Serves: 1.25 people
Comment: Was good!

2nd dose/day

Name: Veg Hyderabadi Dhambu (or Dum Pukht) Biryani
Accompaniments: Mixed Raita (3 nos – since 3 of us wanted to share it)
From: Shiv Sagar
Contact # of Food Joint: 26002666
Price: Rs 90
Serves: 3 people
Comment: Was very good!

3rd dose/day

Name: Veg Hyderabadi Biryani
Accompaniments: Mixed Raita (1 nos) + Papad (1 no.)
From: Vrindavan
Contact # of Food Joint: NA
Price: Rs 75
Serves: 2 people
Comment: Was very very good!

I can’t eat or even think of eating another spoon of it for I-dunno-how-many-more-days. I’m kinda feeling sick now thinking how I relished each morsel in the last 3 days. Rising guilt screams at my conscience: YOU NEED TO GO ON A DIET, BABE!

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