My sweet tooth

This is an honest confession – I have a sweet tooth (I wonder how that phrase came into use – should ask google for help). I simply love sweets and mithais. I sometimes even dream of them. Yummy mithais drooling and dipping in the sweet syrup. The glint of freshly prepared mishthis. (Umm!) Kaju katri, rasmalai, jalebis, singer, pista roll, kheer kodom, cham cham, gulab jamuns, indrani, marzipan, petha, halwa, chocolate burfi, kalakhand, raj bhog, mohan thaal, seera, phirni. I bet your mouth is watering too by now. I think I need to go to the kitchen and check what I can feast on.

ps: I have lots of cavaties and I hate dentists 🙁

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