Enfin, je suis arrivé…Finally, I am here

Lightening strikes. Inspiration strikes. Ideas strike and here was 1 – it’s high time for my own little cyberworld and to get my own domain and blog. So, on 21st Oct, 2006, I decided to ‘come out of the closet.’ Busy schedules during the last few weeks, work and dance classes have left me completely occupied, sparing me with no time for my newly accquired blog. But finally, on Nov 12th, 2006, I managed to move as well as sort most of the stuff on this space. (I thank Deep from the bottom of my heart for all the help he has offered with this blog – Thanx, Deepu – you simply are amazing!).

Still, a lot has to be done. For starters, I need some plugins and a decent theme. I’ve been surfing in vain all these days for something appealing. All I do is click from 1 link to another and simply get fed up and close the browser. Today, I hit upon this nice (very nice) page which has an inbuilt/online theme browser. This has saved me a lot of trouble in browsing through themes. Hopefully, I should be able to narrow down my choices soon.

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