Bugs, browsers, etc.

Working – designed a layout, converting it into HTML, thinking its a 15mins job…ok, 30 mins job..na, 1 hour is fine or perhaps 2 hours. But hey, what’s this, I’ve spent almost an entire day to fix up this nasty bug and formatting issue. WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON!! Screaming, cursing, snarling, etc, etc and etc…

…and this is precisely what happens. Why on earth do we have so many browsers. As if IE, Firefox, Opera & Netscape were not enough of a pain, we also have to make sites work in AOL, Safari, ABC and the entire gamut. Someone please have mercy on the poor web designer! This diagram depicits my state of misery. Infact, I would like to go beyond it and say that the best thing would be to have one version of Firefox (version1.5), and trash all the other browsers with all their fancy versions. Oh, all mighty HTML, please help!

I love IE

8 thoughts on “Bugs, browsers, etc.

  • Good read … Trust me .. my entire team at office has been giggling for the last half an hour looking at the image i just shot them 🙂 yeah ,,, the same diagram above ..

    No I do not work Sat – Sun … but I had to come over as my chuddy buddy is busy making a Performance Management System and needs help 😀


  • If IE didn't ship with Windows, it would have been stacked away forever in the bottomless dustbin of internet history.

  • Ah…painful !! There was an effort from IE team to sit with FF and agree upon the RSS icon …similarly everyone should sit down and agree upon the standards..no..?

  • I want to laugh and cry looking at the graph! When I moved to FF and Chrome, IE was nothing but a distant memory to me – but now: aaarrrrrgh!!!


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