8 thoughts on “Bugs, browsers, etc.

  • Good read … Trust me .. my entire team at office has been giggling for the last half an hour looking at the image i just shot them 🙂 yeah ,,, the same diagram above ..

    No I do not work Sat – Sun … but I had to come over as my chuddy buddy is busy making a Performance Management System and needs help 😀


  • If IE didn't ship with Windows, it would have been stacked away forever in the bottomless dustbin of internet history.

  • Ah…painful !! There was an effort from IE team to sit with FF and agree upon the RSS icon …similarly everyone should sit down and agree upon the standards..no..?

  • I want to laugh and cry looking at the graph! When I moved to FF and Chrome, IE was nothing but a distant memory to me – but now: aaarrrrrgh!!!


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