I disappear…

I disappear…no, not the song from Metallica for Mission Impossible. My internet was down a hell lot this week.  So, I couldn’t post stuff here ontime and am putting them as and when I had written them down. I really hate my ISP. The engineer came to check the net line today, after lodging a complain during the start of the week. I want to change my connection asap. I think MTNL offers a good deal – might just check that out. For someone who is so addicted to being online, even if I’m not on chat or checking mails, having the net down is like suffering. Anyways, hoping that its going to be ok now.

1 thought on “I disappear…

  • Plz do that…change your service provider. MTNL is much better and you will get a good deal also. I know how addicted you are…I can imagine…rather seen your condition when you don’t get the dose 😀
    Good to have you back, Tiger 🙂

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