Where’s the party tonight?

Dancing is good fun, especially if you enroll into a class after almost 2 decades! You need to remember the steps, enjoy yourself and let go. Let me teach you some moves…

5, 6, 7, 8….Slide to the side — turn to the left — turn to the right — left leg back — turn from the right — curve right hand — curve left hand — point the right hand — turn to the right — point to the left — turn point to the right — right leg at the back — then front — back again — curve ur hand — stomp ur leg and shake ur hands (4 times).

After this you stop and stare at the instructor because you’ve missed 2 classes and you really can’t make sense of what the others are doing. A few seconds of looking blank, you continue with saying no with your left hand while stomping the right foot — vice versa — vice versa — vice versa — swim to the right — swim to the left — vice versa — vice versa — snap your fingers to the right — snap your fingers to the left — wave to the right — shiver to the left — shiver to the right — snap your fingers to the left — snap your fingers to the right — wave to the left — robot pointing to the right — robot pointing to the left — kachra uthao & pheko from the left (2 times ) — robot pointing to the left — robot pointing to the right — kachra uthao & pheko from the right — turn — hip hop infront (2×2+4×1) — hip hop at the back (2×2+4×1) — bewda snap right — bewda snap left — crazy step — wave left — box — wave right — box — stayn’ alive (2 times) — jump — clap — jump — clap — stayn’ alive — jump — clap — jump clap — bend — jump — point towards the floor.

At this point of time, you will be very tired and panting like a crazy doggie, to even remember the new rotate clap — lock step followed by the snap and bend steps. So, we stop here, allow you to breathe and hope that by next class you practice a bit. This will save you the embarassment of dancing like a freak and making a fool of yourself. And for God’s sakes, please stay clear of people who stamp your feet, else you will be screaming while the rest of the class is trying to remember what to do next!

ps: Did I mention, the steps were for ‘Where’s the party tonight?’?

22 thoughts on “Where’s the party tonight?

  • Lolzzzzz…damn funny description shibs..
    lemme try….
    phew!!! Not getting it right…want to try again but my hands & legs gave up….they got tangled…heeeellllppp!!!!
    well I can imagine hw many times you wud have screamed when others stamped ur feet 😀
    Don’t give up…you’ll soon get it right…and then you’ll dance as if no one’s watching 🙂
    One thing is for sure…very good choice of song…after all this, you’ll actually keep wondering ‘Where’s the (damn) party tonight????????’

  • Dance, when I hear this word, I actually run away lol last time I danced was few days back, I can’t call it a dance but a pretty girl was asking me to try ball dance with her (she is a good friend so just playing around) and I just did and made sure that other friend of mine clicks our pics (You know the reason why) haha

    But believe me, for a person like me, it was like moving like a robot, i was actually holding her hand tight and moving along as if I am carrying some heavy thing haha

  • sounds similar to:

    put right hand in–right hand out–right hand in—n shake it all about—do boggie boggie–turn around—-……….

    hey dont u think ur back to ur playgroup… 🙂

  • llooolllll… gr88888ly written…

    i could really imaging myself dancing on the dance floor while i was reading this…

    i must say v had lot of fun dancing… and u have improved with every class…

    and i m sorry for stamping ur feet couple of times… 🙂

  • Dear Doveye,

    I’ impressed with not only the way u dance…
    but the way u’ve penned down ur feelings.
    The poems are great, so u r poet as well….huh..!!!The content/design for ur website is also add some more marks as well…….

    n e ways hv a great time ahead.


    Alexander Da Gret

  • Hmm….. great steps i got the whole picture there……. i cant dance only i know is something to do with the hands,legs and body… something inspired by ‘cannibals’ so just Shake Shake shake… till the music ROLLS… ill always regret that….

    Wisest of men follow their own direction…

    India Speaks Out !!!

  • U bet, Auslander! I wouldn’t know whether to concentrate on the music that I was playing or the musical barks of those dogs there…hehe!

  • Damn interesting and funny!!

    I have been forcibly “inspired” to enroll myself in a dance class, in the past! And now that you present the real picture…I know, what I am gonna do!!……Run! 🙂

  • My advice would be to maintain at least 6 feet distance from people who take pleasure in jumping on other’s toes 🙂 The rest…well, go with the flow 🙂

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