Prisoner of my mind

I stand here before you
a soldier in battle with my mind
hurting in pain, pleading for my life,
yet again, time after time.

Don’t pity my sorry state
when you see me wounded and sore
Just know that I am brave
but to tell you the truth, I can fight no more.

Let me go,
I want travel to yonder land
Far from this fighting
and wars created through time.

Forever searching for a loved lost dream
I long to live and breathe free
to be liberated from these chains of misery
I yearn to follow my own destiny

© Shibani

14 thoughts on “Prisoner of my mind

  • Beautifully written….a great poet in the making huh 🙂

    Life is a battlfield..wherevr u go u hav 2 be prepared for the fight and i know you are brave enuf to face any scuffle…yes,evn if u wana travel to ‘yonderland’. But winning the war on the way to your destiny will make you a great warrior.

    Keep Rocking 🙂

  • Very well written, It seems like you have been hurt by someone. The words you have used in the poem is expressing the feelings of your heart.

  • Hmm.. that was kool…..

    The oddesy of soul caught in the trap of body and supported by consious mind….

    life itself is battlefield
    “who know when this battle will end”

    No matter how far i go…
    no matter how far i see….
    no matter how far i be…
    this will go on and on.

    life is full of questions,
    life is full of desires,
    life is full of lies,
    life is full of vibes,
    this will go on and on.

    Well written Doveye….
    keep coming up…

    Conscience is the greatest gift…
    and patience is virtue!


  • very well written and I always say and believe in.. if something bad happens to you, the motive behind is, something good which will be cover the effects of that bad thing… so we just have to stand like a brave soldier and fight with the wind of bad things because there is always tornado good things following it…

  • Well-written, Shibs. There are times when everyone wants to break free of life, but you have to remain strong and carry on. Put on a smile, forget about the past and begin a new journey. Take a walk and enjoy the ambient atmosphere, go hiking with friends or read a book. Most of all, be happy 🙂

  • Na, just one of those days when I feel I want to know the reason of this life – a wish to just fly away, liberated from living and free 🙂

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